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Walls of 2 meter thickness dried

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

Walls of two meter thickness in vaulted cellarWhen Guido Keil decided to use the ECODRY dehumidification system in summer 2005 he first felt doubtfully.
So far every other try to get rid of dampness in the walls of his huge and massive vaulted cellar failed.

We visited him a short while ago and he told us about his concern of this project in the beginning. But now he has been overjoyed that we managed to eliminate the moisture from walls which were 2 meters thick.

Our last measurements showed that not only the surfacial area has dried also the wall core has been dehumidified successfully.
Journals document that there was a dampness of 12,52 % in all mason work before we started the process of dehumidification on 13th June 2005.

In December 2005 after 6 months of processing moisture had decreased for 40%. But to this day 100% of all dampness has been cut back of this massive mason work.
Guido Keil will be happy to confirm the success of ECODRY dehumidification systems.

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