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Efficient system to dehumidify damp walls

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

Property managements are looking for effective systems for dehumidification of manson work
LIPSIA property management in Leipzig / Germany and the owners’ association of Hedwigstraße decided to have ECODRY ZETA Master and two workstations installed in December 2008. This building was the first test object of LIPSIA property management.

After the first check measurement in May 2009 90% of moisture was cut back. Manager and architects of LIPSIA property management were enthusiastic about this quick success.

Meanwhile other buildings will be dehumidified by ECODRY soon. This project has been supervised and overseen by our official specialist Hans-Jürgen Neuwirth and head of technics for damp walls Klaus Breitenbach.
Both will be glad to give you information and answer your questions about this project.

Most valuable cultural monuments across Europe ans beyond are equipped with the latest ECODRY technology.
Thousands of private home owners and landlords trust in ECODRY dampproofing systems to dry their properties.

Just remember our slogan which matches in this case:
“Your health is a matter of wall condition.”

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