Do you have trouble with mould, damp walls and mason work? This blog may help you!

Take samples of mould yourself

There’s no problem in taking samples of mould yourself. Analyzing and assessing the samples is a separate matter.
But let’s take a look at how to take samples of mould first:
Mould is known to have three different developmental stages:
1.) Mobile, invisible spores, which spread through the air
2.) Visible mould on walls or items
3.) Mycelia, consists of [...]

How much mould is acceptable?

There are no official standards about mould pollution in the air of a room. To this date there hasn’t been any ordinance passed by the EU just because in this case it’s nearly impossible:
Mould and its spores are so common like the air that we breathe.
Our bodies are already used to some kinds of mould, [...]

Mould and fungal decay

Some of our customers report on mould infestation at home. Most causes are damages of structures.