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A tiled stove – A guarantee against mould?

Tiled stoves are able to prevent the development of mould in your house just because of the radiant heat they produce. Heat rays are comparable with sun rays, both are a kind of long-wave infrared radiation.

Order of the day: Don’t insulate, but do dehumidify!

Here in Germany there are approx. 20 million houses and 75% are older than 25 years. According to the experience of ECODRY Systeme GmbH we know that around two thirds of houses which are older than 25 years are having trouble with dampness. So all in all there are 10 million houses suffering from problems [...]

The Netherlands: Kasteel Well

Built in 14th century: Kasteel Well in the Netherlands
Our partner BEDI Vochttechniek from the Netherlands is justly proud that they have received the order to dehumidify the castle Kasteel Well. This building is used as college for students from all over the world. Dining hall, staff rooms and canteen are suffering from substantial dampness.

Is paint able to storage energy?

The insulation value of your wall depends on its moisture level. A walls material has the highest insulation value if the wall is dry.
But becomes the wall damp and its dampness reaches a level above equilibrium humidity it loses its moisture level and starts to waste energy.

Damp mason work and damp walls are two different things

The term “damp walls” relates to surface dampness of walls (condensation or hygroscopic moisture). Causes for damp walls are usually heat bridges, cooling below dew point or temporary high humidity after taking a hot shower in the bath for example.
To fight damp walls other steps have to be taken than to fight damp mason work.
The [...]

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