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The Netherlands: Kasteel Well

Built in 14th century: Kasteel Well in the Netherlands
Our partner BEDI Vochttechniek from the Netherlands is justly proud that they have received the order to dehumidify the castle Kasteel Well. This building is used as college for students from all over the world. Dining hall, staff rooms and canteen are suffering from substantial dampness.

Moisture causes saltpetre – Saltpetre causes moisture

If ascending dampness stays long enough in mason work (talking particularly about decades or centuries) moisture has enough time to dissolve salts from the ground and building materials.
Salt combined with water gives water a whole new quality and suddenly water becomes conductive.
This causes electrical processes but is currently not an item.
Combined with water salt is [...]

The development of damp walls and how to fight them

Damp walls can develop for different reasons: Damages on the outside of buildings or inner defects and little ventilation can cause clamminess in your house.