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Mould and fungal decay

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

Some of our customers complain about mould infestation in their homes. A cause of this infestation could be from a lack of airing out rooms. Also people, who stay in there for a longer time (e.g. in bedroom at night) deliver dampness over their skin. This happens especially during the night time when a human being can give off sweat in the amount of 0.5 to 1.0 liter.

You also have to consider damages of structures or poor building wares, which include dampness and cause the mould infestation. If there was not enough time to dry the masonwork during construction and moisture was retained in the walls it may be infested with mould later.

Mould spores are known to spread by air from one room to the next. Those spores are dangerous for your health and can cause respiratory diseases, asthma and allergies. Other kinds of mould fungus are uprated about their harmful spores, which can affect liver, kidneys and skin.

Avoid heating rooms in your home too much and aerating too little in winter. And vice versa rooms which are not heated in cold months (e.g. untenanted buildings and flats) are susceptible to fungal decay. Room temperature should not go below of 15°C.
Mildew also likes to spread on carpets, old books and papers, wood or sheetrocks really quickly.

Mind a full ventilation after taking a hot shower or bath, so dampness won’t stay in the bathroom for a long time. Even after using and opening the washing machine or dish washer you should open the windows quick.
If you own an aquarium remember it gives off clamminess to the rooms and furniture as well.

In case of small spots of mould you can fight them with fungicides you can get at home improvement stores. If this won’t help or the infestation with mould will be just too advanced call an expert for professional mildew removal.

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