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How much mould is acceptable?

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

There are no official standards about mould pollution in the air of a room. To this date there hasn’t been any ordinance passed by the EU just because in this case it’s nearly impossible:
Mould and its spores are so common like the air that we breathe.

Our bodies are already used to some kinds of mould, but there are also some which can turn out dangerous or even cause deadly diseases.

Not only mould spores which are breathed in by us are dangerous and harmful also mycotoxins are noxious residue which are left by fungi and mould spores in the air.

Aspergillus flavus for example is rife on victuals (especially spices and nuts) is known to produce cancer-causing aflatoxins. This kind of mould is very aggressive and can’t be destroyed even by freezing or cooking the affected food.
It depends on every individual how dangerous and harmful fungi and its spores can become for his health.
People suffering from allergies and hereditary “handicaps” would respond much more sensitive to certain spores and mould poisons.

Though there haven’t been any standards documented how much mould a human being is able to tolerate.
Because of those discrepancies it’s hard to decide if abatement of rent is indicated or not.
There are only a few benchmarks vulnerable people can be geared to. These are measured by CFU (colony forming unit) per cubic meter. Mould residue like those would form fungal effloresce on Petri dishes of laboratories.

According to the German Federal Environmental Agency it is critical when indoor load application is twice as high as outdoor pollution of mould and fungal spores.
Building biologists comment values up to 500 CFU per m³ are acceptable but values from 500 CFU up to 1,000 CFU show a strong anomaly. So something must be done in the short term!
In case of pollution values above 1,000 CFU per m³ redevelopments should be arranged as quick as possible.

Werner Büsch ECODRY