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A tiled stove – A guarantee against mould?

Geposted am | Mai 16, 2010

Tiled stoves are able to prevent the development of mould in your house just because of the radiant heat they produce. Heat rays are comparable with sun rays, both are a kind of long-wave infrared radiation.

Such a heat radiation doesn’t warm up the air as much as the material and surfaces it hits. As human beings, we perceive this warmth as pleasant. But it would also be of great benefit to the mason work of our houses.
Doors and windows of older houses and flats wouldn’t be sound completely, but the tiled stove made sure an amazing exchange of air! For all practical purposes the stove used to exchange the air through all the leaks.

That is exactly the problem with our modern flats and houses. We cover our living spaces with a kind of airtight cheese cover: Windows with tight joints and absolutely tight doors (blower-door-measurements will prove that, too) prevent every stream of fresh air from the outside.
So if you want to install a tiled stove into your modern flat you first have to make sure that an air supply by using ventilation systems is possible!

The old trick of window installation specialists (just to cut out half of all sealings) should not be a permanent solution, even if its effect is a pretty good one!