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Lucky Priest Don Ante

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

Priest Don Ante was lucky when he found out that ECODRY had a counselor whom he could tell his worries in his mother tongue about damp walls in his church.

Zeljko Crepulja is an official specialist for redevelopment of walls. He lives in Bottrop, Germany, is originally from Montenegro and heard priest Don Antes cry for help. Mr. Crepulja didn’t hesitate and visited the priest in Montenegro, Italy, to help him.

The chapel had to struggle with heavy damages due to humidity. Its damp walls caused salt efflorescence and flaking plaster which were the main reasons for priest Don Antes call.

Meanwhile the ECODRY system for wall dehumidification has been installed. This system is a combination of ECODRY ZETA II with workstation.
Soon damp walls will be a thing of the past. Don Ante has already reported that he recognizes how mason work starts to dry from its inside.

If you want to know more about this project just give Mr. Crepulja a call. He will report and answer your questions in fluent German about what happened at Don Antes chapel to fight damp walls.

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