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Italy: Santa Caterina del Sasso above Lake Maggiore

Geposted am | Februar 15, 2010

One of the most beautiful memorial treasures near Lake Maggiore is definitely the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso.
But the cloister hasn’t been untroubled by damp walls. So our company took the first installation in hand in the last quarter of 2009 which was far in excess of normal dehumidification technology of landmarked buildings.

One cause for damp walls in this building is the fact that the cloister was built very close to a rock face, which moisture was able to enter damaged walls much easier.
So we had to install our modern system for mason work and indoor climate management: A set of ECODRY-ZETA devices with workstation. These products helped to dehumidify all affected walls. ECODRY-TETRADON , our latest development in this area was also attached.
This special systems was constructed to fight condensation water and surface moisture.

To control and supervise the progress of walls losing their dampness we added ECODRY BIODOM CONTROL as well as DATALOGGER system which includes a series of sensors to measure humidity of air and walls, temperature and CO2. The latter helps to notice when ventilation needs to be turned on (e.g. in case of big crowds lingering in the building).

This project has been overseen by ECODRY Italiy s.r.l. which CEO Rossano de Rosa has put huge faith into our technical performance. Successful work at this landmarked building setted new standards in entire northern Italy.

We will keep you posted of further developments of this project.

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