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Damp walls may have serious consequences

Geposted am | Februar 26, 2010

Damp walls cause a chain reaction: No matter if dampness was caused by condensation, cold mason work, heat leaks or bad ventilation. Dampness which has settled on the walls surface has always been a solid breeding ground for mould and other kinds of bacteria.

But damp walls can cause damp mason work as well! Moisture which once reached the core of walls is very difficult to remove completely.

It all begins with bad ventilation of our rooms or that we don’t notice any heat bridges and condensation.
At the time when our houses used to be pained with chalk paint every wall and mason work was able to breathe and cope with temporarily humidity.
But today chemical and waterproof paints seal our four walls and they’re not able to breathe anymore. So dampness stays on the walls surface.
Because moisture has no way to evaporate quickly enough it stays on the walls surface and will become a good breeding ground for mould and other bacteria.

Once an internist told me: “Most people in my waiting room are suffering from allergies, rheumatic problems and joint trouble. They’d be surprised if I’d tell them that they used to live in rooms with damp walls, mould and bacteria contamination when they were kids!”

Damp walls are usually just the beginning of all trouble. Make sure the plaster of your walls is able to breathe and the paint you use is diffusible. An intelligent ventilation (intermittent ventilation) helps to prevent problems as well. Follow these steps and you won’t need to use chemicals like fungicide, which might only deteriorate your quality of life and housing!

Werner Büsch, chairman of BIODOM e.V. – initiative for healthy living