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Moisture causes saltpetre – Saltpetre causes moisture

If ascending dampness stays long enough in mason work (talking particularly about decades or centuries) moisture has enough time to dissolve salts from the ground and building materials.
Salt combined with water gives water a whole new quality and suddenly water becomes conductive.
This causes electrical processes but is currently not an item.
Combined with water salt is [...]

Walls of 2 meter thickness dried

When Guido Keil decided to use the ECODRY dehumidification system in summer 2005 he first felt doubtfully.
So far every other try to get rid of dampness in the walls of his huge and massive vaulted cellar failed.

Efficient system to dehumidify damp walls

Property managements are looking for effective systems for dehumidification of manson work
LIPSIA property management in Leipzig / Germany and the owners’ association of Hedwigstraße decided to have ECODRY ZETA Master and two workstations installed in December 2008. This building was the first test object of LIPSIA property management.

Successful dehumidification of mason work

Wolfgang Mayer from 64372 Ober-Ramstadt (Germany) is a certified builder and knows all troubles of getting rid off damp walls. He tried to redevelop his own real estate without success.
On 1st August 2007 he had the ECODRY system for dehumidification of walls installed by ECODRY specialists.
So he was trying out a very different [...]