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Damp walls may have serious consequences

Damp walls cause a chain reaction: No matter if dampness was caused by condensation, cold mason work, heat leaks or bad ventilation. Dampness which has settled on the walls surface has always been a solid breeding ground for mould and other kinds of bacteria.
But damp walls can cause damp mason work as well! Moisture which [...]

Damp mason work and damp walls are two different things

The term “damp walls” relates to surface dampness of walls (condensation or hygroscopic moisture). Causes for damp walls are usually heat bridges, cooling below dew point or temporary high humidity after taking a hot shower in the bath for example.
To fight damp walls other steps have to be taken than to fight damp mason work.
The [...]

Italy: Santa Caterina del Sasso above Lake Maggiore

One of the most beautiful memorial treasures near Lake Maggiore is definitely the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso.
But the cloister hasn’t been untroubled by damp walls. So our company took the first installation in hand in the last quarter of 2009 which was far in excess of normal dehumidification technology of landmarked buildings.

Lucky Priest Don Ante

Priest Don Antes chapel in Montenegro Italy suffered from heavy damages due to humidity because damp walls caused salt efflorescens and flaking plaster.

The development of damp walls and how to fight them

Damp walls can develop for different reasons: Damages on the outside of buildings or inner defects and little ventilation can cause clamminess in your house.