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The Netherlands: Kasteel Well

Geposted am | Februar 26, 2010

Built in 14th century: Kasteel Well in the Netherlands

Our partner BEDI Vochttechniek from the Netherlands is justly proud that they have received the order to dehumidify the castle Kasteel Well. This building is used as college for students from all over the world. Dining hall, staff rooms and canteen are suffering from substantial dampness.

Our partner, the company BEDI, has many years of experience in redevelopment of damp walls. Even four years ago BEDI had included the ECODRY damp proofing system in its range. Some problems with remaining moisture of mason works (after using injections) had a positive influence on decisions about using ECODRY damp proofing system.
Meanwhile BEDI has had many very good experiences and the ECODRY system has been installed successfully in many buildings.

Werner Büsch ECODRY