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Order of the day: Don’t insulate, but do dehumidify!

Geposted am | Februar 28, 2010

Here in Germany there are approx. 20 million houses and 75% are older than 25 years. According to the experience of ECODRY Systeme GmbH we know that around two thirds of houses which are older than 25 years are having trouble with dampness. So all in all there are 10 million houses suffering from problems caused by dampness.

The insulation value of damp walls is far worse compared to the value of dry walls. If those 10 million houses would get a dehumidification of mason work the insulation value would increase up to 33%. This would also cause enormous economic saving effects of energy and health problems.

The calculation is simple: A wall which is suffering from 10% moisture, that means 10% above natural dampness (equilibrium humidity) has an actual insulation value of only 23%! So a 40 centimetres strong wall has actually only a strength of 10 centimetres because of that bad insulation value.
If we would remove only half of the dampness inside its insulation value would increase up to one third!
In purely mathematical terms a dehumidified building would save around 300 € energy costs per year! So 10 million dehumidified houses would save 3 billion Euro per year!
That’s impossible by using artificial insulation, so a “real” and intelligent dehumidification of mason work is necessary.
Artificial insulation causes the opposite and helps to breed mould and other bacteria and does not seem to help much on view of reduction of energy costs.

If our politicians would be left to common sense they’d refrain from prescribing composite thermal compound systems by law, disregarding serious consequences which can be caused by that in near future.
But who ever asked politicians about using common sense?! Money rules the world and sadly also politicians minds.

Werner Büsch, chairman of BIODOM e.V. – initiative for healthy living