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Is paint able to storage energy?

Geposted am | Februar 24, 2010

The insulation value of your wall depends on its moisture level. A walls material has the highest insulation value if the wall is dry.
But becomes the wall damp and its dampness reaches a level above equilibrium humidity it loses its moisture level and starts to waste energy.

An appropriate coat of paint can help: Paint which is able to breathe is also able to dehumidify your room and walls. Some paints are even able to decrease the walls inside temperature, so they dehumidify aktive!

Solar gain of a south wall is measured at approx. 140 watt, no matter what kind of paint was added. By using normal paint the walls surface will become hot and energy directed to the surface will be decreased very fast by convection.
If a wall is painted with ECOPAINT OUTSIDE the walls are covered by a kind of glass surface (glass bubbles), which becomes 4 to 6 degrees less warm on the one hand. But on the other hand the heat which is directed into the mason work helps to cause a higher basic temperature.

Evaporation is impossible without any heat. An increased temperature helps to strengthen the process of evaporating. You already know the effect of stored solar energy existing in nature:
The suns energy reaches the earth and the soil becomes hot but doesn’t storage the heat and is cooled down by wind very quickly.
In case that the suns energy reaches a surfaces which leads the energy to its inside a deeper layer will be warmed. This is the case when the sun reaches the sea and warms the sea surface up to 5 centimeters deep. The earth and its soil doesn’t have this heat storage capacity.

A wall coated with ECOPAINT OUTSIDE works like a kind of glass facade and gains a significantly higher heat storage capacity.

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