Do you have trouble with mould, damp walls and mason work? This blog may help you!

Order of the day: Don’t insulate, but do dehumidify!

Here in Germany there are approx. 20 million houses and 75% are older than 25 years. According to the experience of ECODRY Systeme GmbH we know that around two thirds of houses which are older than 25 years are having trouble with dampness. So all in all there are 10 million houses suffering from problems [...]

Damp walls may have serious consequences

Damp walls cause a chain reaction: No matter if dampness was caused by condensation, cold mason work, heat leaks or bad ventilation. Dampness which has settled on the walls surface has always been a solid breeding ground for mould and other kinds of bacteria.
But damp walls can cause damp mason work as well! Moisture which [...]

The Netherlands: Kasteel Well

Built in 14th century: Kasteel Well in the Netherlands
Our partner BEDI Vochttechniek from the Netherlands is justly proud that they have received the order to dehumidify the castle Kasteel Well. This building is used as college for students from all over the world. Dining hall, staff rooms and canteen are suffering from substantial dampness.

Every mason work has a certain insulation feature

The insulation value of construction material which was used to built your house was once determined by the Material Testing Office. It was determined by a certain temperature and humidity. It has been taken to account that every construction material includes natural dampness (equilibrium humidity). This dampness is needed for the materials main function, features [...]

Is paint able to storage energy?

The insulation value of your wall depends on its moisture level. A walls material has the highest insulation value if the wall is dry.
But becomes the wall damp and its dampness reaches a level above equilibrium humidity it loses its moisture level and starts to waste energy.

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